New York, New York

Sometimes taking pride in grand gestures is totally legitimate, and so much fun. In the case of Ebony and Co New York, the mere fact we neighbour one of the world’s most famous landmarks is a happening all by itself. Built by the same architects as the adjacent Empire State Building, 3 Park Avenue was constructed in 1973.
More than ‘a building with a spectacular view’, the Empire State Buidling embodies an immersive experience. It inspired us to attribute similar qualities to our NYC showroom: a space to explore, engage, and discover new vistas and exciting possibilities in luxury wood.
A view over Manhattan from the 32nd floor.

An empire state of mind

The space oozes a typical New York feel, in part thanks to the Antique Ash Chevrons entrance and stunning interior floor, using Walnut Select grade wide planks measuring 25 – 45cm which are laid out pointing to Fifth Avenue’s impressive skyscraper. It may have evoked nonagenarian star chef Paul Bocuse to opt for one of our bespoke Walnut floor for his The Bocuse Restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) at Hyde Park.

Earlier, we selected Antique Ash Chevrons parquetry flooring for interior architect Piero Lissoni’s design of the prestigious Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. Here in New York City, we actively work together with the local partners of the heralded Italian design studio, Nicoletta Canesi and Stefano Giussani. The Italian touch resides well with New Yorkers, and the all black pivot door made by Antonio Lualdi is another affirmation of the local’s favours and flavours. Prego!
Antique Ash Chevrons Tatami Waxy.
Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

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