Ebony’s treasure: True Bog Oak

True Bog Oak is a unique hardwood that is rare just like gems – making it incomparably exclusive, desirable and valuable. True Bog Oak is hard to find, but we have managed to salvage a source of remarkable logs that are extremely well preserved and mineralized. We’ve found our treasures – so now you know where to get yours!
Ebony and Co Project - Bog Oak Floor

What makes True Bog Oak so special?

Our Bog Oak trees have been buried under water or wet soil for thousands of years. Transformed into shades of dark green-brown and deep black, they are supremely hard, highly durable and beautifully refined in grain. Dating back to 2,000 – 5,000 BC, they tell the story of old growth forests from the remote past. We can promise you that the logs we use for our True Bog Oak wood floors are not less than 4,000 years old. This means that we can select the deepest, darkest patina and ensure colour and quality consistency with minimum surface defects.

The origins of this ancient hardwood are beautifully mysterious. Thousands of years ago, rivers, lakes, swamps and bogs were surrounded by huge, dark forests full of towering oak trees. These dark dense woods made the trees grow slowly, giving them their tight grain structure. This makes the wood very dense and refined, adding unique characteristics to its look and feel. Due to storms, floods and other natural events, the trees would sometimes fall into the adjacent wetlands, where they were preserved.

Knowledge, diligence and craftsmanship

Searching and mining from rivers, lakes, swamps and bogs is a complicated and expensive process. Also because of the special requirements for cutting and drying, the treatment of True Bog Oak is extremely challenging and requires specialized knowledge, diligence and craftsmanship.
Ebony and Co Project - Bog Oak Floor
Ebony and Co Project - Bog Oak Floor

How to treat such precious hardwood?

We believe this wood offers the most precious and subtle dark patina that nature has to offer. The blend of black-brown and dark greenish hues comes out best by treating the hardwood with our Ultramatt Hardwax, a very fine polish sanding that brings out the fine grain and deep colour patina.

Ebony and Co Project - Bog Oak Floor
Ebony and Co Project - Bog Oak Floor

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