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Product: Metal meets Wood

How to transform a room into a masterpiece of art? Did you ever consider utilizing metal in your design? Combine wood with metal and you’ve found the recipe for timeless beauty. From copper to bronze to nickel-silver… from real metal coatings to metal inlays. The choice is yours...

What is metalized wood?

Metalized wood is wood that is treated with a unique cold liquid real metal finish to form a solid metal surface. This is a polymetal alloy, not a paint. In other words, no artificial colours are used here and it reinterprets nature in a unique and authentic way. With the look, the feel and the intrinsic value and beauty of solid metal from a foundry.

What options can I choose from?

Coating the wood, where the coat lays on the surface. Smooth ingrained, this creates a very smooth and silky surface, and textured ingrained, for the most authentic look and feel. With copper, the metal surface turns greenish blue, with iron the surface turns classic rust red. We can change the patina with our hardwax oils to enhance the grain effect and protect the surface over time.

And what about metal inlays?

Metal inlays are inlays of metal - brass, bronze, nickel silver, iron – that are integrated into a wooden floor. Metal inlays are evidence to contemporary craftsmanship that continues a tradition of ancient techniques of metal inlay on woods. Metal inlays can be created in, for example, geometric inlays or sturdy inlays reminiscent of early industrial times. Metal inlays bring out the richness and the liveliness of the whole decor. Making a real statement.
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ebonyandco petrified mud
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ebonyandco petrified wood wash fountain

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