Yakimanka Apartment

Moscow, Russia
The owner of this apartment has a hectic work and social life. The apartment was designed to meet her many different needs – for a retreat away from the bustle of city life, but also a place to host business meetings, soirées and occasional overnight guests.
Interior architect Vadim Grekov designed the apartment with the utmost attention to detail. Together with the client, he selected timeless materials such as solid wood, bronze, leather and marble, and combined them with refined furniture, bespoke textiles and unique works art.
No surprise, then, that the flooring choice fell on luxurious oversized solid American Dark Walnut Chevron boards. The 20cm-wide Chevron boards are finished with our Pure Ultramatt Poly to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. The pattern flows through the rooms, free of borders, which unifies the whole interior. Matching wooden radiator covers and integrated wooden outlets complete the sophisticated interior.
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