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A stone’s throw from Costa Brava’s most picturesque beaches, Barcelona-based interior architecture studio Mimouca crafted the most enchanting minimal home with maximum impact. ‘There is nothing that yells for attention. Nothing that is “extra” or additional, or simply put, too much.

Architecture in a respectful manner

When Mimouca’s Marta Casas starts to explain her design choices that lead an opulent space with the absolute minimum, it’s easy to share her excitement. Maybe it’s because of the genuine approach to the design’s story (isn’t it the story after all that makes a room a space?). Or maybe it’s because of her humble attitude, her love for the raw beauty of nature and real materials, and her respectful approach towards the existing elements— from recognizing the local traditional architecture, craftsmanship and heritage to the approach of the garden design, which has been spared from cutting existing trees and boasts only vegetation native to the area.

With the architecture, we wanted to speak in respectful manner towards the surrounding villages in this particular area, says Casa. Many of them are stemming from the Middle Ages, and bear rustic stone houses in earthly colours. ‘We felt it was important that the style of the residence would fit within the existing context.’

Limited set of colours and materials

That idea is almost literally applied to the way the house is positioned on the plot of land, so to speak turning it away from the neighbours with a generous, all-glass back side opening up to the garden, adjacent country side and the picture-perfect village of Pals as a backdrop. ‘We have truly wanted to enhance the intrinsic qualities of nature, in all our design choices,’ says Maria. To illustrate her words, she points out the limited set of colours and materials used consistently throughout the spaces. Natural and raw materials of the highest quality, such as natural stone, steel, wood and toba catalana - ceramic tiles typical to Cataluña - that bring warmth and intimacy through their tactile qualities and “aliveness”.

Wood that works wonders

Up to five-meter-tall, extra-wide Continental Oak Country Vintage planks snake throughout the different spaces. Seamlessly running from bedroom to living room to dining area, the exquisite yet rustic wooden flooring with planks in various widths seems to emotionally connect the different spaces on a more subtle, intuitive level. Being deeply smoked, the floor has a beautiful greyish brown appearance that works wonders with both the black accents consistently applied in all the spaces, as well as the silvery green of the olive trees that embrace the house outside.

An ever changing dialogue of subtle hues and different shades, this is a house that will keep whispering different stories over time.
Marta Casas | Mimouca
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