Log Dining Table

Imagine yourself sitting at a 5-meter-long dining table. Crafted from the core of a tree that lived a generous 250 years. Where you can see the heart of the tree running through the slab.

Meet our Log Dining Table. Combining Ebony's signature use of wood and craftsmanship, the Log Table embraces the natural character of a tree-trunk. This one-of-a-kind design shows our passion for wood.

The heart of the tree as the centre of your dining room

Our team is full-time hunting for the best of the best in wood. For the Log Dining Table, we only select the oldest and highest quality tree trunks, from trees with a minimum life span of 150 years. The older the tree, the more character the table will have.

Advanced technology enables us to mill the core of the tree to all standards. Yet the standards that we recommend for a dining table are between 3 to 7 meters. By taking these standards, we are able to use the widest part of the tree trunk where the hearth crack is running through the slab. This will give the log table its characteristic appeal, and simultaneously allows us to use the tree trunk to its full potential.

A bespoke final look

It's up to you to decide whether the table requires a beautiful rustic country character with knots and heart cracks. Or maybe you like a more minimal character? No matter what you choose, we will make sure that the final result looks always pure, genuine and never fabricated. The choice of the final look reflects the last step in the custom journey leading to your bespoke log table. Once you have decided on the size you want, and the character of the log, it's time to select from our wide range of unique finish patinas.

You could blend the log table with your interior by choosing the exact same finish that is applied to your wooden floor. Or maybe seek contrast, and pick a more contrasting finish. Regardless of your preference, each log table will be unique, and truly yours.
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