Oversized solid American dark walnut chevron

The chevron pattern is a classic parquet design which dates back to the 16th century. However, if you’re looking for a fresher take on tradition, then our large chevron planks are a perfect choice. Our chevron planks can be made in sizes up to 125 cm (4 feet) long, and up to 25 cm (10 inches) wide. The project below presents our purest selection of walnut that has been crafted into 20cm-wide chevron boards.

Oversized chevron boards

Large chevron wood floors evoke a real feeling of warmth and luxury, making your room look more open and spacious. Our wide chevron planks are cut from the heart of the trunk. That means they are generally also longer than the narrower planks cut from various other parts of the tree. The greater dimensions of wide planks ensure that there are fewer seams between pieces. This allows the colour and grain of the wood to shine through, in our engineered wood chevron flooring just as much as in our solid wood chevron flooring.

20cm wide American Dark Walnut Chevron

The owner of this apartment in Moscow has a hectic work and social life. Therefore the apartment was designed to be like a retreat away from the bustle of city life. Interior architect Vadim Grekov designed this apartment with the utmost attention to detail. Together with the client. Timeless materials such as solid wood, bronze, leather and marble were selected and combined with refined furniture, bespoke textiles and unique works of art.

The choice of flooring fell on luxurious oversized solid American Dark Walnut Chevron boards. The 20cm-wide chevron boards are finished with our Pure Ultramatt Poly to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. The length of the planks is 100 cm. The large boards make the room look larger and more open. The pattern flows through the rooms, free of borders, which unifies the whole interior. Matching wooden radiator covers and integrated wooden outlets complete the sophisticated interior.
Walnut finishes
that could be applied to your large walnut chevron project
American Walnut - Faded Ultramatt Poly

Ultramatt Poly

American Walnut - Pure Ultramatt Poly

Ultramatt Poly

American Walnut - Megeve Rousseau Semi Glossy Poly

Megeve Rousseau Semi Glossy Poly

American Walnut - Tung Oil Extramatt Poly

Tung Oil Extramatt Poly

American Walnut - Megeve Bronze Hardwax

Megeve Bronze Hardwax

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