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Product: The Megève Finish

We’re proud to introduce you to our Megève finish. This sophisticated and durable finish has real character and will bring out the best in your wooden floor. It’s one of the latest addition to our collection, which consists of contemporary patinas and textures that reflect the latest trends in design: luxury shades that transmit a modern feeling and speak of the now.
Ebony and Co Project - Bog Oak Floor
Floor: American Walnut Megève Bronze Hardwax in a random width large chevron pattern.

What is the Megève effect?

It’s a special treatment achieved through a process that we have developed to take out all the softwood, leaving the hard grain. Then the wood is deeply saturated with pigments and hard wax, creating a highly durable finish. This makes our Megève finish pre-eminently suitable for areas that need to cope with extra traffic. Light has little influence on the colour, and the finish can be topped up with a nourishing coat of maintenance oil, and cleaned with our maintenance oil soap to keep the surface protected.

Why Megève?

The name comes from the famous ski resort village in the French Alps. We were inspired by the rugged and textured wood so often used in the beautiful chalets of Megève. Which is also famous as one of the world’s most prestigious and stylish mountain resorts.

Pattern recommendations

This finish works very well on wide long planks in random or fixed widths for floor or wall, and it also looks great on any chevron or herringbone floor. For an extra touch of luxury, real bronze metal inlays harmonize with it beautifully.