Passionate about wood

Passionate about wood

We are driven by a single ambition: to create unique luxury wood environments by finding, carefully sourcing and milling the world’s best wood.
To create unique luxury wood environments by carefully sourcing the world’s best wood.

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What makes our wood so special?

For starters, it comes from a handpicked selection of larger, old growth trees. These have the beautifully uniform growth structure that allows us to craft XL wide-plank sizes that are consistent in stability and natural beauty.

All our wood is custom milled and prefinished by hand, either at our mill or in the traditional way, at the client’s final destination. All this allows us to guarantee our products’ pure, authentic and never fabricated appearance.

Spectacular sizes

Extra long and extra wide planks, selected from the finest parts of old-growth trees

How do we craft the best choice in flooring?

It starts with sourcing mature trees that are the end of their growth cycle and so yield a beautiful and stable timber. Using only the best trees is essential. We are proud to rely on a trusted network of traditional sawmills and landowners that subscribe to the principles of sustainable forestry. A network we have carefully built up over the past two decades.

We choose only wood that is dense, uniform and stable. For this reason, whether are handpicking beautiful heart-cuts of oak or pure, uniform selections of clear graded walnut, we use only the sound lower part of the tree. The other parts of the tree are used responsibly for carpentry products.

Relevant finishes

Contemporary patinas that reflect the latest trends in design enhance the pure natural structure of the wood.

A three-dimensional experience

Floors, walls, ceilings and stairs, we ensure your interior becomes a seamless spatial affair.

Bespoke options

From personally picking your wood and pattern to unique finishing options.

Inside outside

Extend the interior experience into the great outdoors.

A global affair

Personal service at one of our worldwide locations.
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