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Handcrafted wide plank flooring

Handcrafted wide plank flooring
We curate the intrinsic value of wood, empowering designers with limitless creative possibilities to shape pure environments that inspire.

Our vision

We imagine a future where people reject artificiality and rediscover the true value of nature.

Connect with true nature

We handcraft wooden floors that blend luxury with a deep respect for nature.

Crafting excellence

The excellence of an Ebony and Co floor is related to curating the intrinsic value of the wood: acknowledging authentic beauty and the ability to deliver the choice for each unique project.

Spectacular sizes

By taking the perfect cut from hand-picked mature trees at the end of their growth cycle, we are able to craft exceptional wide and long planks, treated with reverence.

Bespoke finishes

We create relevant contemporary patinas that celebrate the pure natural structure of the wood.

Dedicated global team

Our global team takes a design-oriented approach, offering fitting and installation support in the countries where we operate.

Global affair

Over the past 3 decades, we have delivered our wide plank flooring to over 50 countries worldwide.