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How we work

If time is on your side, we are happy to explain why we choose to use the sound lower part of the tree and how your interior can benefit from our expertise and our longstanding network of local suppliers. It’s a story, and it all starts with time.
Beneath the surface of every Ebony and Co product lies a wealth of innovation and information. Each product has its own extensive story, crafted from the defining features that make it what it is. The essential knowledge of a wood’s terroir, the intense process that results in the purest selection, and the highly skilled craftsmanship necessary to transform the wood into the product of your choice, are just some of the many aspects of our work.

Time to grow

While we strive to offer you the purest quality flooring, sourcing and crafting it responsibly are just as important. In order for forests to thrive, we exclusively source mature trees at the end of their growth cycle.

Time to dry

For optimal stability, our solid timber dries for a minimum of four seasons. Once it reaches our mill, it passes through multiple stages of evaluation where each board is closely examined.

By fusing a classic approach to milling with advanced technology, we can precision mill to exacting standards while increasing energy efficiency and minimizing waste.

Time to craft

Making one floor at a time, we follow the highest possible milling guidelines in order to exceed grading standards. Handmade by our skilled artisans, each floor embodies a unique, timeless artistry.

Time to finish

Each year, Ebony and Co releases relevant finishes that resonate with contemporary design aesthetics. Our collection is constantly updated thanks to innovations arising from our intimate working relationship with the world’s leading interior architects.

Although finishing floors by hand in our mill is our absolute forte, we can happily support a traditional site-applied finish by offering the required service all the way through the process.

Time to deliver

We carefully stack, wrap or crate your order to ensure that it arrives in pristine condition at almost any destination in the world.

Time to install

With our international network of skilled craftspeople and experts, we offer full installation service or technical support in every area where we are represented. We closely work with your builder, carpenter or interior contractor to integrate floors or wood elements seamlessly in your interior.

Time to try

Listening to our clients is key to offering the best solution. We are keen to keep in close, direct contact with our client all the way through the project. We don’t sell via retailers, but act globally via our design centres