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Chalet Chic

"Wood brings comfort and style to any ski retreat"
It’s that time of year again: ski season is upon us, and with it the longing for pistes, powder and the perfect ski chalet. Wherever in the world your ideal ski retreat might be, it’s most likely clad in wood. After all, wood provides warmth and beauty and harmonizes with the mountain setting. Blending in perfectly with its natural surroundings of snow, peaks and pines, the chalet perhaps demonstrates the full potential of wood better than any other form of architecture.
We think you’ll agree that Ebony and Co’s chalet projects show our natural wood materials at their best. Wide and long planks, in fixed or random widths, reflect the beautiful raw simplicity of nature. Our pure board selection and clean finishes help to keep the look rustic and unadorned. The result? Interiors that are elegant and luxurious yet relaxed and cozy, offering an understated but stunning counterpoint to the breathtaking views of snow-topped peaks.
Pick and choose:
  • Ebony and Co - Chalet Le Coquelicot

    Chalet Le Coquelicot

    Adding a touch of drama to a more traditional chalet interior is the rustic floor created by designer Dillon Garris from a mixture of wide planks and narrow planks. The Faded Silvergrey Natural Oil finish on our American White Oak Select Grade wooden floor reflects the silvery surroundings of snowy Courchevel.
  • Ebony and Co - Chalet Méribel

    Chalet, Méribel

    In this Chalet project, designer Martine Tomé achieves a sleekly modern yet effortlessly natural look using our purest selection of American White Oak in long and wide boards for all the floors and ceilings. For the wooden walls and wooden stairs, we custom-crafted the same selection of solid American White Oak. All the surfaces were finished with our Ultramatt Poly finish to keep the wood as natural-looking as possible.
  • Ebny and Co - Chalet Crans Montana

    Chalet Crans Montana

    Designer Martine Tomé used Wide American White Oak boards for the entire interior of this chalet for a pure and timeless look. All boards were finished with our Brushed Pure Ultramatt Poly finish. Wide boards in three widths of 23cm, 28cm and 30cm are used for the floor, wall and door cladding, giving a seamless effect.