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Behind the Scenes: Inside Outside

What happens outside is a natural extension of your interior. Here’s why solid hardwood makes an excellent choice for the outdoors, too. Plus... Ebony’s top 3.

Purpose and relation

Be it for reasons of leisure, climate change or enhanced consciousness of our wellbeing, fact is that we spend more and more time outdoors. Not only is it expressed in a renewed interest in optimal care of the dynamic relationship between the comfort of our home and the adjacent exterior areas, but it also fosters a different kind of design thinking where what’s happening in and outside are intrinsically related, exuding one and the same luxurious ambiance and matching quality of life. They even enhance each other. Take a faded Silver-grey finish on a American Walnut flooring; Oak and African Mahogany Weathered Grey; or Iceberg Hardwax on Ash and Douglas Fir — all shades that naturally strengthen each other’s beauty.


What exterior areas are suitable for hardwood planking depends less on the usage, and function of the area, and more on the sensorial qualities that area should express. Take spa zones, traditionally set up in stone, but nowadays, more and more homeowners feel that warm solid wood beneath your bare foot is at least equally pleasant.

Thinner (19-22mm) and medium-sized (up to 30mm) Mahogany boards are used for balconies and wellness areas, whereas thicker boards (up to 150mm) are perfect for creating terraces, pergolas, and piers

5 Main Outdoor Hardwood Advantages

Whether it’s decking, cladding, pool or wellness areas, solid hardwood offers many advantages.
  • Resistance.

    Hardwood can deal with a broad array of outdoor conditions, such as intense sunlight, high humidity, quick temperature changes, and even snow.
  • Stability

    Hardwood is a stable, durable, and naturally warm material.
  • Long lasting

    If properly installed, the material has a high resistance against rot.
  • Easy Maintenance

    Outdoor hardwood is easy maintain
  • Match your In- and Outside

    An exterior colour finish can match and connect your interior design choices with the outdoor design.

Ebony’s Top 3

If we had to pick our outdoor favourites, these are the winners.

African Mahogany

Very stable and durable to any hard weather conditions. The boards could be supplied long, wide, and thick (up to 5 cm). African Mahogany is a perfect solution for terraces, pergolas, piers, and garden paths. We specifically love how it's changing colour over time, from an initial orange-brown (that, may you love that characteristic warm natural hue, can be safeguarded using our top finish) over a few months naturally weathering out to a sustainable silky silver-grey look. A lovely match with concrete and stone.

Douglas Fir

A go-to-choice for minimalistic outdoor design elements. It boasts a typical light-coloured Scandinavian look and has shown very resistant to all sorts of weather conditions.

Antique American Barnwood

Are you looking for unique cladding? This reclaimed wood from the United States of America is here to serve you in exceptional ways. It already spent a long outdoor life under the sun, rain, and wind, hence the somewhat rough texture and strong character, which adds instant character to any outdoor environment.