Country House, Zhukovka

Architect Petr Yushin designed this country house with respect for nature, opting for a calm muted colour scheme including American White Oak planks in random widths, with a custom lightly smoked, white oil finish.
  • Project:
    Private house, Zhukovka, Russia
  • Floor:
    American White Oak – Custom Finish – Random Widths
  • Designer:
    Peter Yushin

Floors grading

Our purest selection in the most uniform grade, a rare occasional little streak or clear pit knot, no sapwood and mellow natural colour variation.
The luxurious house caters to residents’ needs on various levels, with different spaces including a winter room, spa area, billiard room, wine storage and a room dedicated to home theatre.
“Many people think that long winters in Russia can be brightened with light colours. However, dark colours look much better by contrast. For example, black and graphite facades are particularly expressive in contrast with green leaves and white snow.” Architect Petr Yushin
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