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Penthouse on Fifth Avenue in New York City

American generosity meets European elegance in this apartment in the Big Apple, where a striking Mansion Weave pattern floor in Continental Oak Clear Grade is combined with a Continental Oak Country Vintage floor in 20 cm fixed-width planks.
  • Project:
    Penthouse in New York City, USA
  • Floors, Mansion Weave Pattern:
    Continental Oak Country Vintage with a custom finish in 20 cm fixed width planks Continental Oak Clear Grade with a custom finish in a Mansion Weave pattern.
  • Design:
    Andrin Schweizer, Switzerland
By choosing wood for various elements in the interior, the architects managed to create an inviting, reassuring ambiance.
It's impossible to beat the view so the beautifully patterned Continental Oak Clear Grade floor merely adds to the spectacle in its very own way, elevating the interior experience to unparalleled heights.
The penthouse is exclusively designed choosing the best materials and harmonising colour tones.
The plank flooring is crafted from 20cm fixed-width Continental Oak Country Vintage planks with an organically filled heart-and-knot character in longer boards.
The graphic face of the Mansion Weave pattern adds drama and a sense of craftsmanship to the spectacular space.

Grading in the Mansion Weave

Clear Grade, our purest selection in the most uniform grade, a rare occasional little streak or clear pit knot, no sapwood and mellow natural colour variation.