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Elegant Urban Apartment, Moscow

Softer, neutral colours such as taupe, off-white, and beige set the tone for this generous apartment by ABD Design, based on an American White Oak flooring with metal bronze inlays.
  • Project:
    Apartment, Russia
  • Floor:
    American White Oak planks in fixed widths (31cm) and American White oak in random widths (18-31cm) with metal bronze inlays in a custom finish.
  • Design:
    ABD Design, Russia
The flooring is altered between American White Oak in fixed and random widths, highlighting a subtle play of balance.
Wood and marble also make excellent partners in a contemporary interior.
The diagonal lines of the American White Oak planks subtly but surely steal the show.
Design furniture, art and wood make a wonderful combination for the dining area, breathing crafts and life.
Any home deserves a dedicated study room. Here, the wooden wall-mounted cabinet and diagonal stripes of the American Oak floor create a pleasing modern ambiance to work, or to merely be at.
In the bedroom, the American White Oak wide plank floor exudes peace and calmness, and combines magically with the tactility of poufs and stools.
Metallic features, shades of white and natural wood: nothing more is needed.