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Private Penthouse, Amsterdam

Style meets the ultimate in comfort in this two-storey penthouse in Amsterdam. Solid materials, such as marble and steel, sit alongside sumptuous velvets and textured fabrics.
  • Project:
    Penthouse, The Netherlands
  • Floor:
    Continental Oak Select in a Herringbone (15x75cm) with brass inlay, finished in Megève Lava Hardwax
  • Design:
    Eric Kuster, The Netherlands
The wooden herringbone pattern snakes and shimmers through the space. For this floor, we used continental oak which has been treated with our special Megève Lava Hardwax finish.
The feeling of laidback luxe extends throughout the entire space, with a large sofa topped with mixed cushions and a marble kitchen block that forms an impressive centrepiece.
The aged brass inlays add an extra touch of warmth and richness to the interior.