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A matter of time

At Ebony and Co, time is a core principle. We need time: to grow the best wood, to dry, to select, treat and process. Time implies attention, quality and devotion, elements necessary to result in products with a lasting appearance.
During Arch Moscow 2015, we chose to show the time-consuming process that precedes our final collections. Photos depicting steps in the process adorned the distinctive trade-fair booth, with just a selected amount of samples being shown. As if we were inviting our guests to hold their pace for a moment, take a look and reflect. To take time.

Museum for Architectural Drawing

Russian-German architect Sergei Tchoban understands the value of time as no other. His houses are said to last a thousand years. Together with his partner Sergey Kuznetsov, Tchoban operates under the name SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov. One of the architecture collective’s most prominent projects is the Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin. The exterior winks at the function and contents of the remarkable institute by means of architectural drawings and motifs that are etched across its concrete walls. For the interior, Ebony and Co installed engineerded Walnut flooring whilst the terrace was given a sumptuous look using African Mahogany.

Architecture Biennale

The architects partcipated twice in the Venice Architecture Biennale. We were also particularly fond of the duo’s sculpture called the Architect’s Eye they showed in Milan in 2012, a stainless steel sphere ball which is completely smooth and reflecting. Within the ball, a LED system creates the image of a huge human iris and pupil that rotates to “look” at its spectators. What’s more, the pupil even dilated and contracted.
Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin.
Engineerded Walnut flooring.
African Mahogany on the roof terrace.
Architect's Eye by SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov.