A house full of Treasures, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The newly exuberantly decorated home in central Amsterdam of acclaimed Dutch designer Edward van Vliet proves to be an uplifting experience of geometrical patterns, colourful layers, elements of nature, art, exotic culture and crafts.

Contrast and balance

In contrary to what one would associate with a myriad of contrasting elements, the entire home oozes a holistic, balanced atmosphere. ‘That's in part thanks to the light-coloured wooden floor which unites the various spaces,’ says Van Vliet. ‘The floor also enhances the perception of certain interior details such as the marble tiles in the bathroom.’ 

The lightness of Ash

Van Vliet chose Ash for its clear and pure appearance but without looking too clean thanks to its vivid grain structure. The lightness of the Ash appealed to him since it makes the house look brighter and more spacious. Ash is very hard-wearing hardwood and due to its Hardwax finish, the floor can be easily kept up with Ebony and Co Whitwash Oil Soap and Maintenance Oil to get better protected over time.
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