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Wide Plank Oak Flooring

Handcrafted Oak Flooring by Ebony and Co

Wide plank oak floors add value to your space

Want an authentic-looking floor that celebrates the beauty of nature? Wider and longer length oak planks are the perfect solution. Handcrafted oak floors exude warmth and charm, making any room look spacious. Our wide oak planks are sawn from the lower part and the heart of logs that are over 100 years old. That means they are more stable, denser, wider and longer than the more standardly available planks cut from random parts of the tree. The greater dimensions of wide oak planks ensure that you will see fewer seams and joints between individual boards. This guarantees that you can enjoy the full sensation of the long grain of the wood, whether you choose our engineered oak wide plank flooring or our solid oak wide plank flooring.

The choice is yours

Whether you prefer a rustic-looking oak with fine knots and heart cracks, or a grade with minimal growth character, we can find the finest quality oak available to craft our wide planks. Are you looking for wide oak planks in random widths and lengths? Or perhaps a beautiful oak chevron pattern would be perfect for your project? If you’re overwhelmed by the choice, remember that all our wide oak floors use nature’s best.

Extra long and extra wide planks, selected from the finest parts of old-growth trees

Our wood selection comes from the handpicked lower section of larger, old-growth oak trees. Only these trees, which are often more than 150 years old, have the beautifully uniform growth structure that enable us to craft pure XL wide plank sizes that are consistent in stability and radiate the purest natural beauty. Since Ebony and Co makes exclusively custom wood products, we can offer a huge variety of species, finishes and patterns, always with our favourite option of making those extra-long lengths or extra-wide boards. Imagine what you could do with oak planks over 10 m (33 feet) in length, and over 50 cm (24 inches) in width.

Find your nearest showroom

As a globally operating, luxury wood interiors company, we value personal contact highly. We’d love to learn more about your specific requirements in order to support you in creating unique and engaging spaces. Why not schedule a consultation at one of our city showrooms?

Spectacular sizes, timeless luxury

Over the past 20 years, we have delivered fine-quality wood flooring to over 35 countries worldwide. Here’s a taster of some of our wide plank oak projects.

Let’s talk!

At Ebony and Co, our passion is to create unique luxury wood environments by finding, carefully sourcing, and milling the world’s finest wood.

A Selection of our Collection

Our collection consists of contemporary patinas and textures that reflect the latest trends in design. Our current selection of finishes has been conceived through our close collaboration with the world’s leading designers. Luxury shades transmit a modern feeling and speak of the now. What they all share is an ability to enhance the pure, natural structure of wood.